LEVEL 4 & 5 (5-7 years)

In this four semester, two year course, your child will learn:

  • To recognize and play the notes of the treble clef (visually, fine motor & bodily kinesthetically)
  • Read, write and play complex rhythmic patterns
  • Read, write and play simple melodies
  • Recognize and understand musical terms and symbols (i.e. forte, piano, tutti, stacatto, legato, treble clef, crescendo...)
  • Instruments of the Orchestra--by sight, by sound and by family groups.  We reinforce this by exploring and acting out the classic story of 'Peter and the Wolf'!
  • About Famous Composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Bach and Sergei Prokofeiv)
  • To play their own glockenspiel, dulcimer and recorder
  • We will do this through lots of musical games, listening activities, singing, dancing, instrument exploration and movement.
  • The best part of Kindermusik is how much they are learning, while they THINK they are just playing!


  • Greater Vocal Development
  • Group Ensemble Playing (with different parts!)
  • The rudiments of Tap, jazz, ballet and folk dances
  • Different kinds of music (classical, folk, jazz, appalachian, from a variety of countries...)


  • 60 minute class, once a week
  • Adult and any siblings join in for the last 10 minutes 
  • 15 week semesters