LEVEL 3 (3.5 - 5 years)


  • Encourage Independence -- You and any siblings join in for the first 5 minutes and the last 15 minutes of each class.  This helps your pre-schooler feel comfortable when you go outside the room for the next 25 minutes and your pre-schooler participates with the teacher and other class friends. If your child needs you to stay longer, you are welcome to. 
  • Singing -- Foster the development of your child's most important instrument--his voice!  through vocal warm ups, vocal exploration, songs and chants.
  • Moving -- Develops body awareness, coordination, and spatial awareness through synchronized movement, creative movement and simple dances.  We include activities and games that encourage INHIBITORY CONTROL in joyful ways.
  • Instrument Play -- Introduces a variety of timbres with even more percussion instruments (multi-cultural instruments, drums, whistles, glockenspiel...)  Exposure to instruments of the orchestra and band. It also fosters fine motor skills and greater ability to feel and play with the steady beat and rhythm.
  • Patterning -- Boosts your child's ability to think musically through the integration of basic rhythmic and tonal language.  Learning by repeating songs and patterns is fundamental to the development of good musical memory.
  • Listening -- Heightens your child's awareness to sound discrimination.  Exploring musical concepts and vocabulary such as: timbre, dynamics, rhythm and pitch, which lay the foundation for understanding the elements of music.
  • Social Skills & Creativity -- each child is honored as they explore their own creativity and are able to share their ideas with the entire class.  Learning to raise their hand, wait patiently, share and take turns are all fostered in a nurturing environment.
  • Musical Exposure -- to a wide variety of musical styles, genres, cultures develops a broad musical base and appreciation.  Learn real musical terms such as: crescendo, accelerando, staccato, legato etc...


  • 45 minute class, once a week
  • Adult and any siglings join in for the 1st 5 and the last 15 minutes of our class each week.
  • Two 15 week themed units.